Olivia Chase/ The Farmer and Cook

The story of the the Farmer and Cook began at the beginning of the century when Olivia and Steve bought a $9.00 organic tomato and said to each other....(neither one will take the blame at the moment) "wouldn't it be great to have a farm  and market, so everyone could afford to eat organic vegetables".

Nine years later they have collected the following:

An amazing group of employees, friends and volunteers

A Daily Cafe with a salad bar, soups, sandwiches and Mexican food.

A week-end Farm Cafe with an eclectic menu of farm salads, appetizers, pizza, "straight from the farm" specials and desserts.

Gozo Farm, located at the corner of highway 150 and Rice Road, about 2 miles from the store.

A CSA (community supported agriculture) with 60 members.


A small Grocery Store

did I mention the inability to say no?