Navarro Vineyards

Our family has been growing grapes, making wine and producing non-alcoholic grape juices in the Anderson Valley in coastal Mendocino since 1974. Since we are small, you probably will not find our wine in your local store.

Navarro is a family winery and we take pride in making products that every member of your family can enjoy. We first started making varietal grape juice in the early eighties when our children were small and we wanted them to share the good tastes from the vineyards. 

Navarro's juices are cold stabilized and sterile filtered just like our finest dessert wines and if you're one of Navarro's few customers who has not yet sampled one, you will be startled by their intense fresh fruit flavors and aromas. Chardonnay Verjus is picked when the grapes are much tarter. The ringing acidity makes it a perfect cooking ingredient that you can use like lemon juice. We like to deglaze pans with Verjus, especially with seafood. Customers who enjoy its pucker power mix it with sparkling water for a vintner's lemonade.