June Taylor

June Taylor June Taylor is something of a legend in the Bay Area foodie community. Her marmalades and preserves have been appearing in some of the best farmer’s markets and specialty shops for about three decades. Through word of mouth, her acclaim as a master jam-maker has spread, yet June herself has maintained a relatively low profile and a small production.  There are two large preparation tables where fruit is cut by hand into small pieces. There is also a large stove where jams are cooked over low heat in relatively small pots. In the past, jams were just one method among many to preserve fruit and make it delicious all year around. In her kitchen, June has revived many fruit preservation methods. She makes candied peels, syrups and pickles. She also makes fruit cheeses. These are highly concentrated fruit that have been molded into different shapes. They can be sliced, like cheese, which explains their name. June discovered this technique through her study of traditional British preservation technique. Together, these methods allows her to use every part of the fruit, so that none of it is wasted.  I want to respect the farmers, whom I consider my peers. I want to respect the traditions of jam making that have been passed down for centuries, but that are in danger of being forgotten.”

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