Heather & John Fiscalini/ Fiscalini Farms

Sustainability is the number one priority for the Fiscalini Farms in Modesto, CA, a dairy farm that is home to 1,500 Holstein and jersey cows.  The Fiscalini family also owns and operates Fiscalini Farmstead Artisanal Cheese, known for its award-winning cheeses.

“The overall goal is to be self-sustaining,” says fifth-generation dairy farmer, Brian Fiscalini. “We have a number of different sustainability practices going on, both on the dairy side and on the cheese side, helping us to become less reliant on fossil fuels.”

Brian Fiscalini runs Fiscalini Farms with his father and sister. The whole family works hard to make sure the land and animals are taken care of, which Brian feels is essential to providing the best product he can and maintaining his family’s way of life for generations to come.

The Fiscalini’s have been leaders in the California dairy community for their efforts to find and execute new sustainability practices.  Whether it is the simplest of activities, taking proper care of their cows, or the scientifically complicated efforts to turn waste into electricity through methane digesters, Brian has been instrumental in finding new opportunities to reach their goal of a self-sustaining dairy farm.

“Growing up on a dairy, I watched my grandfather work and learned from him,” says Fiscalini. “Driving around the farm with him, seeing how proud he was of his land and his animals was a great lesson in the importance of sustainability – long before we ever heard that buzzword.  Our practices have evolved over the last 100 years, but the priorities are genetic to us.”