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  • Our new gifts site has launched!

    Marzipan miceMost of our time here at Out of the Box Collective is spent trawling local farmers markets and hunting down small scale artisans to contribute ingredients and artisan made products and ready meals to our much loved weekly home delivery boxes (for the LA area), available HERE.

    Meanwhile, we have had so many requests for Gift Boxes, that we have decided to launch this website for that purpose.  We are really excited to be rounding up some of our favorite shelf stable products from artisans all over California, and offering them to people all over the country.  No, that's not keeping it local, but believe me these are all small scale artisans, and Stewards of the Land, and the extra sales for the holiday season really help them!

    Add in the fact that we have just received our Wine License, and plan to deliver local wines by mail order (because it requires a signature), well having a sister site for Mail Order becomes even more compelling.  The wines can only be shipped to addresses in California, for now.

    We are offering the option to add wine and cheese to the gift boxes destined for California addresses, as they will be shipped overnight.  Or people can sign up for our Monthly Wine Club, where we will be exploring some of the best small batch, hand-crafted wines California has to offer, with an emphasis on Central Coast Wines.

    Of course life is never as black and white as we'd like, so just to put a spin on things, this site will also feature our Holiday Feast Boxes for delivery in the LA area -- they'll be dropped off by our van, not mail ordered!  This makes it easier for people to order, for example, a Thanksgiving Box, without becoming a regular weekly subscriber.   (No start-up fees, no forms to fill out, just buy the box and it will come!)

    Lastly, we will be adding more and more Gift Boxes as time goes on.  We have several themes already (Breakfast, Savory, Italian), but also will focus on Terroir, with products all made in particular areas.  The Malibu Box, the Central Coast Box, a Sonoma Box etc.

    If you are thinking of our boxes for Corporate Gifting, of course we can always build a box to meet your particular needs and meet your budget.

    In this blog, we will be featuring some of the adventures we have seeking out these products and profiling some of the artisans and wine-makers we have been meeting.

    Stay tuned, and feel free to send us feedback and suggestions!

    Viva the Food Revolution!!

    Jennifer Piette


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