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  • Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Mealplan -- October 31st/November 1st deliveries!

    Corn on the CobLots of Changes going on this week.  From the changes of season to the changes here at Out of the Box!  Launching our new website and new blog to hold our recipes and mealplans is very exciting, since we have been working on this since August!  So please give us feedback about how you like it!

    We will slowly but surely be entering all of our mealplans and recipes into this blog so that you can more easily search for your favorite recipes, and so that we don't have to rely on e-mailing your mealplan every week: you will be able to find it uploaded here every Wednesday, until the following week.  And the recipes will become part of a searchable database.

    Thank you so much to Sarah Bowman, who has been brilliant at helping us re-brand, always with an eye to improving your customer experience.  Sarah is well-known in the LA area for her fab blog for Families, with great updates about what to do with your kids in LA, the Family Savvy.

    Without further ado, and live from New York, it's Sarah Woodward with another beautiful mealplan celebrating the Autumn flavors.

    This Week's Recipes


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    The Regional Specialty this week is one of my all time favorite cheeses, from Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes.  Apart from its mouth-watering deliciousness, one reason I'm so happy to be featuring Mt. Tam is that Cowgirl Creamery sources all of the milk for their cheeses from Straus Family Creamery, which is certified by the Non-GMO project.  A perfect way to support "Yes" to Prop 37.  Even if the bill is not perfect, it is important not just for California, but for the entire country, sending a message that we have the right to know what's in our food, and that GMO's are not the same as non-GMO's.

    Weiser’s All Reds- A sweet, nutty and waxy potato, this one is scarlet red from the skin to the center. It holds its shape and keeps its color beautifully while cooking. It might be beautiful also to combine with other colors similar style (waxy) potato for colorfully striking dish.

    Cipollini Onions- Cipollinis are the sweeter, earthier, more interesting italian cousin to the pearl onion. Roasted or glazed, they love to be caramelized and are such a great accompaniment to roasted or braised meats. Try also quartering them, tossing in olive oil salt pepper and thyme and roasting them for 5-6 minutes in a 450 degree oven until golden and lightly crispy. You’ll be eating them like candy. -

    Orange Kabocha- Kabocha is commonly called Japanese Pumpkin and has a lovely sweet flavor and fluffy texture – amazing eaten as roasted wedges, whipped into a puree with sage and brown butter or blended into a creamy squash soup. A friend of mine even recently made a kabocha squash pie for dessert that tasted like the best pumpkin pie I’d ever had – try it!

    Albacore- the lean meat of this variety of tuna lends itself well to quick searing or gentle poaching in oil. The poached albacore in the recipe this week can be used in more than just the salad suggested – it also makes a luxurious tuna sandwich or can be added last-minute to pasta dishes. If kept covered in oil in your refrigerator, it keeps very well and can be used for up to a week.

    Have a great week, and look forward to next week's mealplan, from Ayda Robana, the Fall into Fall Box...

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