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from the Sons and Daughters of the Food Revolution.

For two and a half years, Jennifer Piette and her team at Out of the Box Collective has been exploring, tasting and foraging the best of Californian pastures, wineries and farmer’s markets, from LA to Santa Barbara to Sonoma County and beyond, for our farm to table home delivery service for customers in the Los Angeles area.  With one mission in mind... 

Jennifer’s been hunting for the leaders, the pathfinders, the advance guard of the Revolution in American food that’s happening all around us here in California.  

Whoever’s making things the old way - without chemicals but with love, doing it slow, working with the good land not against it - they also just happen to make the most delicious food and wine this country’s ever seen.  No coincidence.

Jennifer’s mission:  to collect a Round Table of these Sons and Daughters of the Revolution. These will be the most dedicated Good Food fighters, the most uncompromising platoons of taste, Makers who simply can’t help but produce wine, cheese, pasta, jam so seductive that the most revered restaurants in Los Angeles or in San Francisco are snapping them up as soon as they’re made.

Now, you can have the Revolution delivered to your home or to your loved ones direct.   Because for the first time Out Of The Box Collective is bringing the Sons and Daughters all together, with gifts to you, gifts for you, gifts from you...

If you are interested in reading more about our adventures visiting our artisans, vintners and farmers, or if you wish to check out the recipes we have created for our home delivery boxes, you can visit our blog.


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