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  • The #KitchenTakeover Movement. Join Us!

    #KitchenTakeover: a movement by youths to take over the kitchen once a week and cook. 

    Goal: To improve food literacy and confidence in the kitchen. 

      Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Leandra, I'm in high school, and I'm the #KitchenTakeover editor at Forage and Pasture.   Confession: I like to spend time on Instagram. On any given day, I guarantee that I am able to scroll through my newsfeed to find a few food pictures from that restaurant we've all heard about. Considering that I live in LA, a city abundant with A+ food spots, I'm not surprised that this photo craze is so popular. I think that my fellow high schoolers and I have become a little too proficient at finding the best café, and while that isn't a bad thing, this movement is about turning that trend around and getting us back into the kitchen.   Honestly, I don't want to be in college, hungry and frazzled, sick of Cup of Noodles, and unsure of how to satisfy my food-cravings without blowing my budget. Sure, some of us know how to bake chocolate chip cookies or whip up some pancakes in the morning, but are we food-literate enough to create a healthy meal for ourselves, our families, or our friends? Here at Forage and Pasture, we're starting a campaign called #KitchenTakeover. The goal is to encourage youths like myself to start cooking good food using healthy (even local and seasonal) ingredients in the kitchen just once a week. This column is produced by youths and we hope it will inspire more home-cooked meals, family-bonding time, and cook offs.  Here are a few reasons why we've created this: 1. Understand what is going into our food rather than mindlessly eating whatever is put in front of us.  2. Internalize cooking skills and knowledge about various ingredients and cuisine.  3. Educate ourselves about sustainability.  4. Carry these skills into college and beyond so that we're more independent and confident in cooking. (And avoid the Freshman 15)  5. Impress family and friends.   6. Learn about nutrition and set up good eating habits.  6. Have fun.   It won't be difficult to participate in this campaign, so don't be scared to try it out. Instructions: Take over the kitchen once a week, and on social media, hashtag #KitchenTakeover. You don't have to have experience in the kitchen at all! We plan on providing new recipes, themes, and videos each week to provide inspiration and to make it easy for you. There will be more details and information coming soon (including competitions with prizes) so check back soon to find out. Also, sign up for our mailing list below to get access to more resources. So, parents, move on over. We're taking over the kitchen. (But don't worry. We'll clean up!) #LeaveNoTrace

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